Game Features

Nyx: The Chameleon is 2.5D action platforming game that encourages the player to tailor the game to their playstyle. Whether as an aggressive attacker, a stealthy shadow warrior, a daring acrobat, or anywhere in between, it is up to the player to decide how to overcome the perils that await Nyx and get him home.

Key Features:

- Choose your playstyle - Upgrade and empower Nyx to fight, sneak, or jump his way to victory. Or mix and match, the choice is yours!

- Branching Paths - Navigate the game's levels based on your chosen playstyle. Avoid those enemies or blaze a path straight through 'em?

- A story to be told - Experience the desert world of Syterra from the perspective of Nyx as its ancient history unfolds before you. What is the worth of a dying world?